Vehicle selection area

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Software: eFleet | Homepage Software: eFleet | Fahrzeug Auswahlbereich (Deutsche Version)

In eFleet can be found at the top of (almost) every page a section to the current vehicle. In addition to the indicator, you will find some details of the master data. On the far left you have to change a database switch allows you the vehicle. The visible here vehicle is always the currently active. All information provided by the region in which you reside (maintenance, refueling, taxes) related to the current vehicle. You can therefore use this area around the current vehicle to change, without having to use the range vehicle data. Edit as tax information, then simply change the vehicle and enter additional data. Right in the bar you will find the current mileage. This is edited automatically, for example, through the regions refueling or maintenance. Sie können aber auch hier einen neuen Stand eingeben. In this case, a small switch Confirm displayed. In version 5.00, we have re the field (vehicle) introduced state. This can be found only in the selection area. In the field there is a template field. For this field there are no specifications by us. Define any states or information to them quickly insert in the vehicles.