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Tables to locate By default, all records of the current area. You can make any changes to the information in tables. A new row (record) you generate by pressing the "Insert" key on the keyboard. To delete a row, select it and move the key combination "Ctrl + Del". Normal tables are reports or queries related to results tables (see below). Filtering makes the table is not the result table.
In many cases, you can sort the tables. A double-click in a column header sorts the table according to this column. A further double-reverses the order. Please select column from above where you select this once with the mouse. The current sort will by |> | and | <| displayed in the table header. The first icon represents Ascending, the second for a descending sort. Most tables are filterable. Most tables are filterable. In the event you find on the table a number of terms and including a selection list or input field. Once you choose from the list a bit, the table is filtered on that concept. You can switch between the filtering, by clicking on the appropriate button on the selection. To cancel filtering, click the button "No filtering" on.


You can change the order of the fields. Click with your mouse a table header, and then drag it to a new location. Please note: The change order is stored in all tables. If storage in a table is possible, this is done automatically.

result tables

A result table shows you the result of a search, analysis or statistics. Result tables can not be edited. Result tables can not be edited. Changes in these tables are not stored in the database. It is teporäre tables which are not in the database. To modify a field, go to the appropriate area or turn the table on default. Some tables are pure results tables. (example: Analysis.mythos). Other tables such as the tables in the main window of the application can be switched between standard and result tables.